Zeca Mendonça

April 8, 2022, was marked by the event to commemorate Zeca Mendonça, who stood out as a press advisor of all social-democratic leaders for more than 40 years. The multimedia exhibition is available in the NewsMuseum Auditorium.

The evocation ceremony included the interventions of Luís Paixão Martins, President of the Acta Diurna Association, Joana Reis, curator of the exhibition, and the intervention of Your Honor the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Multimedia Exhibition






social media impressions
Peças de TV


tv news
Peças de Rádio


referenced radios news.

“Press officers are usually forgotten, but Zeca had friends everywhere, he was praised from left to right, this exhibition is to let people know that this person existed.

Joana Marques Reis, Curator of the exhibition
Zeca Mendonça
Zeca Mendonça
Zeca Mendonça
Zeca Mendonça
Zeca Mendonça
Zeca Mendonça

Value for the audience

Main Message: Evocation of a very special figure in Portuguese political life, who, having been on the invisible side of political communication, was an advisor of 17 presidents.

Take Out: As a space entirely dedicated to Communication, the NewsMuseum takes up the theme of media relations, its role and value, this time based on the example of Zeca Mendonça, a model of a reference communication professional.

Value for the brand

Communicate, in an interactive way, the role of a press officer and what makes him stand out in the market. The evocation of Zeca Mendonça shows how this can, and should, be a broad and fundamental work.