Social Media Live Sharing

What do Sonae, Konica Minolta, Portuguese Society of Gastroenterology and Keller Williams have in common? They all chose to activate Social Media Live Sharing, a unique and personalized service that aims to reinforce the digital communication message of an event or organization and amplify the brands' main messages. And we are there. We reinforce digital communication and create, in a customized way, new forms of communication and content with a high potential for sharing.

Social Media Live Sharing



Value for the audience

Through the creation and dissemination of quality content on social networks about an event or action, we help to promote a boost in engagement. The audience has the opportunity to watch content shared in loco, statements by spokespersons at the event and live, in order to feel that, in some way, it is an active part of the action.

Value for the brand

Through the Social Media Live Sharing service, it is possible to obtain a direct positive return on the clients' pages, reaching 500% engagement. By publishing content in real time, we bring brands and organizations' digital platforms to life. We take events to social networks and followers to events, thus reinforcing their sense of belonging. We also leveraged Employee Advocacy, with a direct positive return on the performance of the channels.