Ready Player BPI

BPI approached us to develop a course for its employees on the subject of the digital transition. The objective was clear: to create an online, on-demand course on the BPI platform, with the main aim of generating internal awareness of the bank's digital transformation. We wanted to go further and so we built a unique and captivating experience, tailored to BPI's objectives.

Valor para a audiência

In creating this course, we endeavoured to integrate the training topics into an experience that we wanted to be immersive and challenging, without using any kind of platform outside the bank. To do this, we challenged each employee to be a Ready Player One, with the aim of overcoming obstacles and completing their mission. A Mission: BPI Digital. With this experience, each trainee finds it easier to learn and grasp information, fostering greater involvement and immersion in the topic, as well as a non-passive role. 

Valor para a marca

Inspired by the imagery of science fiction, in a future where the concept of the metaverse is experienced in the daily practice of life in society, we created a unique storytelling adapted to the client's needs and built an appropriate virtual universe, always without losing sight of the best integration of the training topics. With this course, we are reinforcing the bank's leadership position in the digital field and boosting the mission of starting BPI's digitalisation process from the inside, from the employees, reinforcing its leadership and innovation profile.