Upfield launched Planteiga in Portugal: a plant-based alternative to butter that offers consumers a responsible and more sustainable way of eating. We designed a public relations programme and launched this product to the media and influencers, with a significant impact in the consumer area.


Value for the audience

With the launch of Planteiga, consumers gain an alternative to butter, with 70 per cent less climate impact than butter of animal origin and suitable for vegans. Through a media relations campaign, we publicised the existence of this product on the market and challenged a group of influencers to taste, compare and experiment with Planteiga in a creative way. We were able to provide consumers with more information about this new, differentiated product from different angles.


Brand Value

The Public Relations programme made it possible to reinforce the benefits and characteristics of the product, giving it visibility and relevance. We obtained 120 multiplatform pieces of content that impacted more than a million people. We brought together more than 30 influencers who tested and commented on their experience with Planteiga. We thus contributed to Upfield's aim of helping more and more people switch to responsible eating.