At LPM's Digital Hub, we work to strengthen our clients' corporate presence on LinkedIn and to continually generate better results. We monitor trends and features, create content, work on themes and formats and use the pages as communication tools to convey important messages. We strategically define our clients' online presence, managing the presence of spokespeople for companies and institutions, with the aim of increasing their influence among peers and in the sector in which they operate. Digital Hub helps institutions and leaders position themselves on LinkedIn and build a solid and credible online presence.

Value for the brand

Today's corporate world is increasingly connected and digitalized. LinkedIn has established itself as a powerful platform that can boost business growth and visibility. With more than 1,000 M users, 4.8 M in Portugal, LinkedIn is used by around 67 M companies in more than 200 countries around the world. LinkedIn's own data shows that a company's active presence on this platform can increase positive perceptions of its business by more than 20%. When we talk about LinkedIn, we talk about Reputation.