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Cyberattacks are not exclusive to large companies. SMEs can find themselves in a situation of control if they do not adopt preventive and digital security measures. Konica Minolta organized the “SME+Digital” Event, a starting point for sharing the views of various specialists on the challenge of cybersecurity and the importance of the digital transition for Small and Medium Enterprises.



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Value for the audience

The “PME+Digital” event presented the audience with solutions and information necessary for the digital transformation of national SMEs. Some of the central themes were discussed, such as cybersecurity, the demystification of digital transformation processes and technological innovation as a benefit and opportunity for SMEs.

Value for the brand

We developed with Konica Minolta this Event. We created the concept, the image, the program. We designed innovative solutions and produced all the materials, from the opening video, advertising, secretariat, stands, website and content. The objective was to give guests the experience of a digital environment, of the future. We ensured the management of media and social networks, media consultancy and live digital transmission. We gathered the ideal conditions for sharing the vision of several specialists, including the well-known portuguese hacker, Pedro Ribeiro, champion of international competitions or the participation of speakers from Japan and Thailand. With this event, we showed the innovation and development that are part of Konica Minolta's DNA.