Kilian Hennessy belongs to one of the most illustrious French luxury dynasties, but presents its brand with the simplicity of its own name: Kilian. 15 years after its birth, the brand arrives in Portugal, as well as its brand new perfume, Can't Stop Loving You. We idealized and organized the presentation event of this luxury brand (and not only), with unique fragrances. We presented Kilian's line of perfumes and cosmetics, providing guests with true olfactory memories.

Kilian Paris
Kilian Paris
Kilian Paris

Value for the audience

The Kilian Paris brand now has over 34 unisex fragrances, sophisticated, creative, contemporary, as well as a range of perfumed make-up. At the launch event in Lisbon of the new perfume Can't Stop Loving You, guests gave their testimonials and left their message about their first contact with Kilian. Videos, posts, stories showed the luxury of the brand and its unique fragrance, with an extensive ingredients list that oscillates between the delicacy of sweet notes and the sensuality of a more earthy aroma.

Value for the brand

The exotic, seductive and inebriating fragrances of Kilian Paris were the inspiration for us to idealise an event to present the brand and the new Can't Stop Loving You perfume. We invited influencers, journalists and opinion leaders and managed to reproduce a creative and contemporary atmosphere, tailored to Kilian. The feedback was both quantitative and qualitative.