For 185 years, daily skin care has kept no secrets for Barral, a specialist brand, known and recognized by all Portuguese people, with a history made of innovation, quality, trust and responsibility, for the whole family.

We now intended to contribute to the consolidation of the Barral brand's presence on social media, pointing out solutions, visions and new paths for what is one of the primary vehicles of communication today: digital.

We reflected, experimented and reinvented the brand's communication so that it was perceived as young, urban, cool and digitally active, in line with marketing trends for 2022 and maintaining Barral's positioning as an experienced and credible brand.



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“At a time when the consumer is looking for the authentic and the real, it is important that social media do not reflect purely commercial communication.”

Leonor Veríssimo, Digital Specialist LPM

Value for the audience

Proximity and a greater connection and loyalty of consumers to the brand. For example, we started to invest on partnerships with small entrepreneurs and specific actions that allow the brand to reach new audiences in new ways. We provide samples at special events on the topic or other initiatives that are linked to the brand's universe. These partnerships only happen because people come to us through social media and, in articulation with the customer, we are able to follow up the different requests.

Value for the brand

We bring Barral brand closer to a true “love brand”. The biggest challenge was also to balance commercial communication, merely related to product sales, with more aspirational communication. Today we have a cooler, more modern, inspiring, irreverent brand communication.